Types of Bongs: Explained

Types of Bongs: Explained

On the off chance that you're somebody who's accomplished with regards to bongs, you're as of now mindful that there are different kinds of bongs to smoke from. All of which range from various sizes, materials, shapes, and plans, it truly appears as though there is an endless rundown of what sorts of bongs you can pick. Bongs are quite possibly the most mainstream smoking strategy on the planet. Indeed, they were even utilized by eminence back in old occasions to smoke dry spices. There is a wide range of interesting points about these items, and we will help you go over the different sorts of bongs so you can have a better understanding.

Various Types of Bongs Materials:


Glass turns out to be the most famous bong material. This is on the grounds that it furnishes you with the cleanest and most flawless taste. Glass simply doesn't have a method of influencing the smoke's flavor. It's likewise extremely simple to investigate the development of gunk and sap since glass is straightforward. While glass bongs are extremely famous, they likewise end up being the most costly decision on the rundown.


Other than glass, plastic is the second most utilized material for bongs. This is on the grounds that it's incredibly solid and will not break when it's dropped. Without a doubt, you will have a wreck, however in any event there will not be any messed up glass pieces around. Something else about plastic bongs is that they're less expensive contrasted with different materials. It's likewise simpler to go with them. Something you may hate about plastic bongs is that they may impact the smoke as far as its taste. Other than that, it's an exceptionally well known decision.


Contrasted with glass or plastic bongs, clay bongs are a lot heavier. Ceramic is additionally beautiful delicate, so you will not have any desire to bring this piece out however much you would with a plastic bong. Bongs produced using clay material do come in various shapes, sizes and tones since it's not difficult to work with. Bong crafters that work with earthenware can shape them into a wide range of plans. They're more costly than plastic since there is more creativity to their plan. To be straight up, earthenware isn't customary for every day use, yet is an extraordinary decision for a unique event and end up looking incredible as a beautification when not being used.


A considerable lot of the principal bongs were made from bamboo. They can come in straightforward, rounded plans, or can turn into a smidgen more extreme with metal, trimming, and paint augmentations. Bamboo is very strong, so it's an extraordinary decision for a drawn out piece.


Finding a bong produced using metal is incredibly uncommon. These items are known to keep going long and can come in at a moderate cost. Indeed it can change the flavor of the smoke and it's difficult to tell how clean it is.


Various type of Bongs designs

There is something else entirely to the distinctions in bongs than the materials they are produced using. There are a lot of designs you can browse. While there are a few a larger number of designs than what we will cover, these are the primary designs you will discover.


Straight Tube

The simplest design to choose from is the straight tube bong. They’re just a tube with a mouthpiece on one end, with a bowl placement on the bottom. Let’s just say they’re pretty straight forward.



Beaker bongs are pretty self-explanatory. These bongs have more stability since the base is a bit larger. Just like bongs in general, beaker shaped bongs come in many sizes and are just as easy to use as straight tube bongs.


Round Base

Round base bongs are quite similar to beaker shaped bongs. The difference is that the shape at the base is spherical instead instead of beaker shape.



Multi-chamber bongs are also known as recycler bongs. Their standard design is based off of the straight tube, though it can also come with different shaped chambers. Being multi-chambered, this means the tube separates into two chambers with either a tube or additional third chamber. With multiple chambers, a smoker gets cooler and smoother hits. Due to the difficulty in the creation of these bongs, they tend to be more expensive than usual price tag. One should also take into consideration that these are hard to clean.



Percolators are available in all sorts of shapes. Because these bongs have a percolator, the smoke is filtered better and cooled off more before inhalation. The percolator makes the smoke bubble through the water, giving percs their bubbling effect. Percolators can be placed at the bottom of a bong, or can rest in it’s own chamber (which would make it a multi-chamber bong). They can even be in both the bottom of the bong and in it’s own chamber! Like multi-chamber bongs, percolators tend to be more expensive than standard water pipes.


The Choice is yours

Since you now know pretty much all about the various kinds of bongs, it's totally upto you to choose which one you like the best. On the off chance that your companions have bongs, it's ideal to attempt theirs to have some involvement in various sorts of bongs. Once you have had an experience of trying few of them, head over to our online store and browse our broad range of products. It's not difficult to do and we have the absolute best pieces you can discover!