Rolling Paper Sizes: Explained

Rolling Paper Sizes: Explained

Single wide Size Rolling Paper

These are your standard size of rolling paper. They're regularly around 68mm long and 34mm wide and are extremely basic for a wide range of smoking. They're perfect for a solo smoke.

1 ¼ Size Rolling Paper

These rolling papers hold 25% more than your normal single wide. They're around 76mm long and 45mm wide. You can make even more of a cone shape with your move with these papers as there's that additional piece of room.

1 ½ Size Rolling Paper

A 1 ½ rolling paper is more extensive than the 1 ¼ sizes. Still, at around 76mm long, they're about 60mm wide, so your rolls will have a greater breadth.

Double Wide Size Rolling Paper

As the name proposes, your double wide paper will have double the width. They do change from one brand to another though and can be somewhere in the range of 63-88mm in width.


King Size Size Rolling Paper

The King Size is the biggest standard size accessible and comes in the middle of 100-110mm long, 55-60mm in width. These papers are extraordinary for gatherings of up to 5 individuals.

King Slims Size Rolling Paper

Your king slims are similarly as long as the king size, however are less wide, normally around 44mm. This will give you a long, thin roll.