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American Spirit

American Spirit Rolling Tobacco

Founded in 1982, Natural American Spirit is an American brand that produces cigarettes and other similar tobacco products. There are a handful of different types of filter cigarettes, each of which has a different color code.

So what does the word ‘natural’ mean here? This word subconsciously gives a safe signal, something good for health.

The inside packaging is made of paper which makes it recyclable and it has the ‘American spirit’ emblem embossed on it. The cigarette looks just like any other cigarette. It has the same kind of filter with a gold band and eagle on it.

Roll-your-own cigarettes are basically hand-rolled and made with loose tobacco and American Spirit Rolling Tobacco is one such example.

There are a handful of ways to make such cigarettes. One is using rolling papers and putting loose tobacco or using a rolling machine to make a professional one.

Reasons to roll your own

Here are some of the notable reasons smokers prefer rolling tobacco or rolling cigarettes:

  • Cost: Branded cigarettes cost higher and the cost periodically increases. Whereas, a pack of rolling tobacco and cigarette papers is a whole lot cheaper.
  • Self-image: Do you want a tag of ‘out of the box’ on yourself or appear unconventional? You definitely will get the tag if you’re seen rolling your own cigarettes.
  • Safer: American Spirit Rolling Tobacco is safer than regular cigarettes because they don’t contain additives.

What’s the difference between regular cigarettes and rolling tobacco?

Smokers tend to inhale more tar and nicotine when smoking self-rolled cigarettes. But anyway, both kinds of cigarettes are somewhat harmful when looked at from a health perspective.

What are the different types of rolling tobacco?

Ohm Blue Tobacco: There’s a reason why many prefer Ohm Blue Tobacco nowadays. The smoke has a sweet and mellow taste. When compared to other similar tobacco brands in the market, this one does a great job in case of great value for money. 3 kinds are available:

  • Green Menthol: It has a menthol-like, fresh, and minty taste
  • Blue Full Flavor: It has a light smooth taste
  • Bold: Just like the name, it has a very strong and bold taste

Kentucky Select Tobacco: You’ll get 100% original tobacco, and the brand is distinguished for its affordable price points. The cigarettes burn smoothly, taste excellent, and don’t have irksome aftertastes. It is available in five different custom blends:

  • Red: Very intense and has a rich flavor, not recommended for beginners.
  • Gold: It is smooth and milder than the Red.
  • Blue: It tastes smooth and has traces of menthol.
  • Green: Traces of mints and menthol, but with a higher menthol amount than the Blue.
  • Silver: Light and smooth texture.

Gambler Pipe-Tobacco: The Gambler Pipe-Tobacco is great for value but at the same time offers great quality. There are four popular blends that sold in the market:

  • o Gambler Regular Pipe-Tobacco: Has an average taste.
  • o Gambler Mellow Tobacco: It is smoother than the regular.
  • o Gambler Silber Pipe Tobacco: The smoothest among all Gamblers, tastes excellent.
  • o Gambler Mint Tobacco: You’ll get a dash of mint in this one.