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Bali Shag White Halfzware - 40g

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Bali Shag White Halfzware Hand Rolling Tobacco

A traditional Dutch recipe based on Light Virginia and Dark Burley tobacco - this time with an unusually smooth taste. Fine cut, moderately moist, golden color. Compressed with a briquette. Convenient and durable packaging.

Bali Shag is a premium brand in the fine-cut category and designed as a roll-your-own product. Having strongholds in Denmark and Israel, Bali Shag is also present in several other markets across the world. The special cut of the tobacco – with a fine “silk”, or shag with long threads – makes Bali Shag suitable for hand rolling. To secure its high quality, the stems of the tobacco leaves are removed by hand and cut. Bali Shag is available in several blends, our most prominent being White Halfzware, Authentic American Blend, and Red Virginia.

Product Highlights:

  • No Preservatives
  • No Burn Accelerators
  • No Stems
  • Premium Segment
  • 100% Additive-free natural tobacco

Customer Reviews

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Goutam Ganguly

It is a strong one

Bali Shag White Halfzware

Has this lovely roasted flavor and is smooth as butter ... Had me hooked from the first drag itself. Really good rolling tobacco. Must try for all the high rollers .. :)