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GreenGo Saverette King Size Doob Tube

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Saves your Doobie

The GreenGo smoking saverette is intended to guard your doobs. Along these lines, quit discarding your half-utilized cigarette and keep it in the saverette all things considered! Haul it out whenever and begin smoking once more. We know it's too difficult to even consider discarding a half-copied doob.

Built Strong

The saverette is comprised of the highest quality of plastic that doesn't liquefy or consume and is indestructible. You can keep it in your sacks and your cigarette will be protected inside it.

King Size

The saverette comes in king size to oblige rolls from little to king size. It's ideal to be conveyed while setting up camp or voyaging and ideal for circumstances where you would prefer not to discard your impeccably moved roll!


The GreenGo Saverette is reusable, water-safe, and smell-verification. It keeps your roll new and unblemished for the following use. You can even utilize it to convey extra pre-moved rolls while in a hurry, saving the issue to make another one!