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Introducing LIT MASALA Rolling Tobacco, a distinctive blend crafted solely from whole Virginian tobacco leaves. Embracing a tradition spanning over a century, this premium rolling tobacco preserves the essence of authenticity. Its fine cut and easy-to-roll nature ensure a seamless experience for enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of LIT MASALA Rolling Tobacco, carefully barn-cured to perfection. With its genuine whole Virginian tobacco leaf composition, this blend captures the essence of a time-honored tradition. Experience the craftsmanship and unmatched quality that have made LIT MASALA a favorite among connoisseurs.

Don't miss the opportunity to embark on a unique smoking journey with our original whole Virginian tobacco leaf rolls. Visit our website and place your order today, embracing the rich legacy of LIT MASALA Rolling Tobacco.


Q: How does smoking our LIT MASALA premium rolling tobacco feel like?

A: LIT MASALA premium rolling tobacco has the perfect texture that allows even and slow-burning so that smokers can enjoy smoking it to the fullest. At High Jack, we take pride to say that we only offer the premium quality LIT MASALA rolling tobacco that is clearer and has very little to no twigs that are found more in the readymade cigarettes. Because of this, when you smoke our rolling tobacco cigarettes, you will experience a smoother feel.

Q: How are our LIT MASALA premium rolling tobacco different from other rolling cigarettes?

A: Considering the usage of our LIT MASALA premium rolling tobacco, we provide you with a fine cut on a whole Virginian tobacco leaf. After all, it is perfect for rolling cigarettes. Also, this rolling tobacco variety gives off fewer hot drops because of its texture.

Q: How pure our barn-cured rolling tobacco is?

A: After procuring the finest Virginian tobacco, we do not want to disappoint you by offering you the inferior-quality of rolling tobacco. So, our Masala premium rolling tobacco is sun-dried and barn cured in sheds after it is dried. After the barn-cured process, our whole Virginian tobacco leaf offers a smooth original blend. The barn-cured method is the most natural and authentic process of tobacco processing without the usage of any chemicals such as toxic elements like Lead and Cadmium, pesticides like Benzene, Arsenic, Ammonia, and even radioactive elements. Even though we do not use these chemicals for producing our rolling tobacco, cigarette companies use them to make the nicotine hit differently. In other words, we refrain from using toxic chemicals that go into the modern process of cigarette making.

Q: What’s the specialty of our LIT MASALA rolling tobacco?

A: Here, we understand that rolling cigarettes do not have filters in them. So, we provide 100% premium quality and 100% natural LIT MASALA rolling tobacco with no additional additives or chemicals. Also, we have the knowledge that tobacco contains a high amount of nicotine, so we do not add any extra amount to our premium quality cigarettes. Also, we make sure that none of our customers has to compromise the quality of our rolling tobacco.

More specifically, our premium quality LIT MASALA rolling tobacco is made completely out of the finest Virginian blend. After all, our LIT MASALA premium rolling tobacco is processed keeping its quality as our top priority so that active adult smokers can have the most pleasurable smoking experience.

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Avik Bhaumik
Great service

Very good packaging and timely shipping updates provided by team highjack! Thanks for the freebies!!

Abhishek Pathak

LIT MASALA Premium Rolling Tobacco - 40g

Prof. Konda Reddy
Lit Masala

Works like an aphrodisiac and the room doesn't smell anymore


As always, it's awesome

deep panchal
Good product

Quick delivery with genuine product.