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LIT MASALA premium rolling tobacco-40gms

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LIT MASALA premium rolling tobacco has the perfect texture to allow even and slow burning while being easy to roll. After being barn cured our whole leaf Virginian tobacco creates a smooth original blend.

None of those awful chemicals and additives for litfam!!
100% Natural LIT MASALA premium rolling tobacco is processed keeping quality as highest priority to deliver a pleasurable smoking experience.

Get LIT rolling paper and roach pad worth Rs. 102 absolutely FREE with the purchase of LIT MASALA premium rolling tobacco.



Q: How is it any different from cigarettes tobacco?
A: Our Premium Rolling Tobacco is made with quality as our first priority, it is cleaner, has very little to no twigs which are found in cigarettes and as a result while smoking, it has a smoother feel to it. Quality also means to refrain from using toxic chemicals which go in modern tobacco processing.

Q: What is fine-cut?
A: Considering the usage of our Premium Rolling Tobacco we use a Fine-Cut on whole leaf Virginian Tobacco as it is ideal for rolling and because of its texture less hot drops.

Q: What is Barn cured?
A: After procuring the finest Virginian Tobacco we don’t want to provide you with an inferior product which is why Masala Premium Rolling Tobacco is sun-dried and ‘Barn Cured’ in sheds where it is dried. Barn Curing is the most natural and authentic method of tobacco processing without using chemicals such as Lead, Cadmium (both toxic metals), Benzene, Ammonia, Arsenic (used in Pesticides) even Radioactive elements. These chemicals are used by cigarette companies to make the nicotine hit more effective.

Q: What are Masala Rolling Tobacco nicotine levels?
A: Nicotine is found naturally in tobacco leaf so we do not use any additional nicotine.

Q: Whats’s the taste like ?
A: Masala Premium Rolling Tobacco is an original blend which contains nothing expect whole leaf Virginian tobacco, naturally never overpowering for your own ‘additives’.