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PURIZE XTRA Slim 5.9mm Filters Pack of 250 - Organic

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PURIZE XTRA Slim Size XXL Filters

Apart from a wide array of products, Purize® has done what other filter manufacturers failed to do, they rolled out the 5.9mm filter, which was considered the perfect size for the Roll your own market.

The use and acceptance of Charcoal filters for Rolling in India has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last two years, and continues to do so!

The Purize® filters are the number #1 selling filters across India.

Why you should use charcoal filters?

  • Reduces TAR substantially
  • Apart from tar, there are various other pollutants that are harmful to the lungs, which are adsorbed by the Charcoal filter
  • Reduces heat
  • Does not Reduce the 'good stuff'
  • Absorbs 2.5x less 'good stuff' when compared to a 'roach'
  • Filteration surface area in each individual filter = that of a jet wing (We are not making this shit up!!)
  • Purpose-built and engineered filters, for the perfect, clean buzz!

So why are you still using a roach?

Uber convenient packing of 250 Filters (the slimmest in the market)

Available in White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Organic

Best Experienced with:

Purize® Rolling Paper 

RAW Black Rolling Paper

Rolling Filters™ Rolling Paper

Filter Size: 26.9mm x 5.9mm

Pack Contents: 250 Purize Xtra Slim Size Filters

Customer Reviews

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Arun Jayakar
Mixed bag 😉

Got GV yellow instead of golden classic but was offered a return.