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SLIMJIM Clipper Lighter - Small

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There are various versions of Clipper Lighters in India. Although these lighters are primarily used to light cigarettes or fire, you can do a lot more with a clipper offered by Slimjim India. It is not only lighter in weight but also environment-friendly and multifunctional. Once the lighter is empty, you can refill it with butane gas. With this lighter, you need not worry about an accidental increase in the flame as it provides a constant flame.

Limited Edition Slimjim Clipper Lighter
Original Clipper Lighters
Vibrant / Trippy prints
Designs may vary as per Stock Availability
Refillable & Durable

Customer Reviews

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Tanya Sharma
Easy to use

I am extremely happy with the purchase. I have tried several clipper lighters before. But finally found the best one. It is so light in weight, colorful, and good quality product. All those who are looking for a durable clipper lighter online, please go for it guys!