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AIRCRAFT Grade Aluminum Grinder - 56mm

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AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM GRINDER - Made from the great aluminum on CNC machines for an ideal fit, most keen teeth, and suffering solidness.

Novel DESIGN, A REAL LUXURY SMOKERS' GRINDER AND CRUSHER-Beautiful masterpiece and incredibly solid and sturdy grade, made by strong CNC machining, an anodized shading covering which is more secure from scratches.

Rock-solid GRINDER WITH POWERFUL NEODYMIUM MAGNETS-Keep the top consistently set up, your spices new, and the scents in the processor. Removable screen to sift through the most flawless dust and free scrubber included. Slender Poly O-Ring ensures smooth pounding.

Precious stone SHARP TEETH-Get an easy, smooth, and wonderful granulate quality with the best mix. Extreme pounding power with this four-piece spice processor/smasher.