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Clipper Refillable Lighter - Hippie Girls

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Product Description:

The Clipper lighter is not just any lighter - it is a unique, environmentally friendly, and multifunctional device. Clipper was the first original refillable lighter and has been made in Barcelona, Spain since 1972. Its unique round shape and special features have made it popular in more than 80 countries and are the world's best-selling lighter.

Clipper lighters are made of high-quality materials and are available in several versions. Of course, this lighter is used to light cigarettes or a fire, but there are more things you can do with a Clipper.

  • Pushing tobacco into hand-rolled cigarettes. You do this with the removable flint which can be used as a poker.
  • The bottom of the Clipper can be used to push the tobacco into pipes.
  • The Clipper fits perfectly in a beer bottle to prevent someone else from accidentally picking up your bottle and drinking it.
  • Opening beer bottles
  • Much much more.

Clipper lighters are refillable

The Clipper lighter is basically a disposable lighter, but why throw this great lighter away when it's empty? You can just fill the Clipper lighter with butane gas if you want.

Constant flame

You know. For some reason, you accidentally increased the flame and lit a cigarette almost scorched your eyebrows. This is impossible with the Clipper lighter. You can only adjust the flame by tilting the Clipper to bed. Turn the lighter down and the flame gets bigger.

Clipper also works when the lighter is wet

Did you leave your lighter in a rain shower? Nothing wrong. Simply remove the firebrick holder and dry it. Your Clipper lighter will then work again as if nothing was wrong. This also makes the Clipper the best lighter for campers.

Replaceable flintstones

A flint in a lighter will shorten over time and will need to be replaced. For a few bucks, you can buy 5 new flints. Flint replacement is quick and easy.

About the Brand:

Clipper is the brand name of a type of refillable butane lighter, designed by Enric Sardà and owned by Flamagas S.A. since 1959.

The lighters are mostly produced in Barcelona (Spain), while others are manufactured in Chennai (India) and Shanghai (China). Clipper has a wide range of lighters, gas refills, and other accessories. The first Clipper lighter was made in 1972, and now the worldwide level of production is around 450 million units a year, making it the second-largest lighter manufacturer in the world.


Size: Classic Large

Design: Hippie Girls

Contents: Pack of 1 refillable Clipper lighter

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