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CRICKET Pocket Lighter - Mini

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Cricket Pocket Lighter - Mini

A work of art and our dearest lighter. Not very enormous and not minuscule. Simply awesome. Unique Flint is outfitted with a kid confirmation rifled flash wheel. A Cricket lighter lights every time for up to 1400 times during its life cycle. This makes cricket lighters not only one of the world's most reliable ones but also one of the more long-lasting.

Cricket lighters are made up of thin nylon walls making them extremely tough and resistant. It also makes the use of plastic 30% less than its competitors. Cricket is constantly looking at new ways to leave a smaller footprint on our environment.

In 1961 cricket brought the first disposable lighter to the world. Ever since then, cricket has been driven to go further and to continuously set new standards for lighters. Cricket believes that you must never lose that inner spark. Keep it close and breed it. Make it grow. Bring your spark!

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Prof. Konda Reddy

CRICKET Pocket Lighter