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LIT Pyramid Unbleached Brown Pre-Rolled Cone - 62 cones

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62 LIT Pyramid Unbleached Brown Pre-Rolled Cone-62 cones each rolled is individual watermarked with a befuddling which forestalls runs and makes an all the more in any event, consuming moving paper.

Slow and Steady Burning with 100% All Natural, Additive-Free, 100% Vegetarian Gum

Pre-roll Length 110 mm; Filter Length 27mm

12.5 GSM Ultra Thin Pre-roll. LIT is unadulterated, less handled Pre-moved papers, not at all like anything that you have at any point seen or smoked. Since they contain a half and half mix of unbleached (not chlorine brightened) filaments, the paper is a clear regular light earthy colored tone

Pack of 62 Pyramid Pre-Rolls increment smoking sensation