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RAW Organic Single Wide Size Rolling Papers - 100 leaves

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Raw organic single wide hemp rolling papers come in a double packet with 100 hemp papers/packet. These papers are made from organic unbleached pure hemp and are then processed in an eco-friendly manner. This result in a very light and thin paper that burns extra slow and extra clean. The even burn is the reason raw is becoming popular very fast. These papers have the natural color of paper (pale brown) where no inch of the rolling papers are bleached meaning you are one with nature when smoking these rolling papers . Each paper is uniquely watermarked, which helps in preventing runs and maintaining the smooth even-burning characteristics that raw papers so dearly possess. These smoking papers are made with pure hemp and are 100% vegan. If you are one of many smokers that prefer a natural touch to their smokes this product is just for you. These papers are secure in this booklet even when open because there is a band that keeps the papers attached. The entire pack will close securely using this neat paper-fold. If you have passed on the chance to smoke these papers, you better rethink your decision, hurry and catch up to a world of wonders you are missing. This is as pure as smoking will ever get.