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RIZLA Silver King Size Slim - Full Box

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Product Description: This paper is so thin that you can enjoy legal herbs without any additional taste of the paper. Thinner is a Winner!! The gum used in this product is of the finest quality. Rizla Silver Rolling Paper is made from Rice. Rice papers are known for their slow-burn feature. With a slow-burning rate, this paper becomes an ideal choice for seasoned smokers.


Product Specifications:

  • Rolling Paper Size: King Slim
  • No. of Leaves: 32 leaves in each pack
  • Thickness: Ultra Thin Paper
  • Made from: Rice
  • Features: Slow Burning
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 44mm


Brand Info: Rizla is a french brand of rolling papers. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest manufacturers of rolling papers in the world. Currently, the brand is owned by Imperial Tobacco. Rizla rolling papers come in a variety of sizes and are often color-coded for easy identification.


Pair it with: You can pair it with your choice of Herbal Blends or Rolling Tobacco. Or you may even try one of the filters tips from our finest collection.