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TOBOX | Tobacco Box and Accessories Holder

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TOBOX | Tobacco Box and Accessories Holder

TOBOX is the world's first tailored container for Rolling Tobacco and necessary accessories.

Tobox has individual and structured slots to put Raw Tobacco, a slot to place filters, a clip to stuff the material and a clip to place rolling papers other than the place for placing your lighter. As the trend of rolling their own tobacco is increasing in India, Tobox is your answer to carry everything needed to roll in a sleek manner- as its fits in your pocket as well as in your handbag. 

With its global patent for the design and also for creating a box for holding most standard size lighters, made with high-grade ABS plastic Tobox gives customers the most efficient way to carry their goods to roll their tobacco. 

Recommended Rolling Paper:  1 ¼ Size Rolling Papers

Recommended Lighter: All Spark Lighter

Recommended Filters: Bio-degradable Filters

Filling Material: Rolling Tobacco | Herbal Smoking Blends

Available Colors: Orange, Black, Blue, Light Grey, and Dark Grey. 

This product does not encourage a person to smoke Tobacco. This is a product that just works as an accessory and helps a person organize and store their goods in an effective and easy manner.