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7 products

  • DART One Hitter

    Regular price Rs. 1,499.00
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    DART One HitterDART One Hitter
  • DART Plus

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    DART PlusDART Plus
  • DART Pro

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    DART ProDART Pro
  • DART Carry Case

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    DART Carry CaseDART Carry Case
  • DART Pro Filters

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    DART Pro Filters
  • DART Canister

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    DART CanisterDART Canister
  • DART Hemp Wick Cannister

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    DART Hemp Wick CannisterDART Hemp Wick Cannister
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Welcome to The Dart Co - Where Innovation Meets Elegance!

Our product collection is meticulously curated to cater to the refined tastes of herb enthusiasts, elevating every smoking experience to an extraordinary level. With precision craftsmanship and attention to detail, each item in our collection is designed to inspire and delight.

The Dart Pro One Hitter:
Experience smoking perfection with The Dart Pro One Hitter. Precision-machined and beautifully crafted, this pipe takes the one-hitter to the next level. Its durable anodized metal and ingenious spring-loaded ash ejection mechanism ensure discreet smoking on the go. Enjoy fresh hits every time and breeze through cleaning with our cleaning kit.

Dart Pro Filters:
Complement your Dart Pro experience with Dart Pro Filters. Designed to trap tar and particulates from the smoke, these filters provide the cleanest and smoothest puffs. Disposable and perfect for 1-2 smoke sessions, these filters also double as filters for joints. Each box contains 120 Standard filters made with premium acetate tow.

Herb Canisters:
Preserve the freshness and potency of your herbs with our Herb Canisters. Specially designed to pair seamlessly with The Dart One Hitter and The Dart Pro One Hitter, these canisters ensure that every session is filled with robust flavors and aromas. Take control of your smoking journey and unlock the full potential of your herbs.

Dart Co Cleaning Kit:
Maintenance should never be a hassle. Our Dart Co Cleaning Kit makes tidying up your smoking accessories a breeze. Designed for easy and efficient cleaning, this kit ensures that your pipes and filters are always ready for the next enjoyable smoke.

Dart Co Merchandise:
Show your love for The Dart Co with our exclusive merchandise. From stylish apparel to branded accessories, our merchandise collection allows you to represent your passion for refined smoking in style.

At The Dart Co, we believe that every smoking experience should be an artful, sophisticated journey. Join us as we redefine the way you enjoy your herbs, with products that boast precision engineering, sleek aesthetics, and unparalleled functionality.

Discover the epitome of smoking pleasure and elegance with The Dart Co product collection. Elevate your rituals, celebrate the art of smoking, and embrace a world of innovation and sophistication. Experience the difference that quality and craftsmanship make, and let The Dart Co be your gateway to an extraordinary smoking journey.