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Actitube Slim Filters 7mm x 27mm-Pack of 50

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Made in Germany, these babies are designed for smoking flawlessness. ActiTube transforms a smoker into a brilliant smoker when it hits the lip. The activated charcoal in these channels has a solitary point plan – to make each drag, not a drag, but rather an encounter you can't neglect. How's that you ask? Indeed, first off, the dynamic carbon is of the greatest quality; it's reliably of plant beginning. Not just that, each Actitube channel is totally filled – making for a great filtration limit. Also, the most awesome thing? Aside from keeping each perilous substance under control, it chills off the smoke leaving your gustatory cells (find it) shivering with a refreshingly wonderful taste. Your lung's dearest companion, these little rockets arrive in a huge (for them fatties) and little (for them slimies) size. It probably won't make any difference or anything.