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KUSH Terpene Infused Herbal Wraps

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KUSH™ Terpene Infused Herbal Wraps 

KUSH wraps are an herbal alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and cigars. Terpenes Infused Kush wraps merge the best of both worlds with a non-tobacco solution to your herbal wrap needs that packs a punch of flavor. Kush Wraps has combined its premium hemp wrap experience with a terpene infusion to provide a boosted flavor and aroma.

About the flavors:

  1. Original- earthy, woodsy, pine terpene mix
  2. Clementine- citrusy terpene mix
  3. Purple- sweet grape and berry terpene mix
  4. Mimosa- sweet, tropical, citrus, and woodsy mix
  5. Pink Cookies- peppery, sweet, and earthy mix
  6. SFV OG- earthy, citrusy, fuel, herbal, piney, and sweet mix
  7. Berry Gelato- sweet berry, earthy mix

What's in the Pouch:

Each pouch of Kush terpenes infused hemp wraps contains 2 terpene infused hemp wraps.

Product Highlights:

  • 2 large hemp wraps per pouch
  • 100% tobacco-free
  • 100% nicotine-free
  • Glue-free design
  • Slow-burning
  • Multiple flavors available
  • Made In Dominican Republic


This is a packaged herbal smoking shell for holding an end user’s legal herbal filler material comprising a sheet of material made of legally sourced hemp.

  • Open the package and pull out the herbal smoking sheet.
  • Cut the sheet to your preferred size.
  • Repack the remaining portion of the sheet for later use.
  • Move apart the edges of the cut portion to open the shell.
  • Add your favorite roll your own filler to the sheet.
  • Roll and seal to create a finished herbal cigarette or cigar.

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