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OUTERBODY LABS Artisanal Hemp Rolling Papers - King Size

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17 Unique HEMP Rolling Paper Designs. 12 Indie Visual Artists from around the world.

Welcome to OuterBodyLabs HEMP Rolling Papers, where Art is the middle stage.

These moving papers are created at around 250 pieces for every craftsmanship in particular. So when we say Limited Edition, we're not f**** around. This likewise implies in case you're a fortunate proprietor of these scrumptious terrible young men and young ladies you'll be one of 250! Consider them the Pokemon of Artisanal Rolling Paper.

Here is the most awesome thing. This is the thing that we mean when we say Artisanal Rolling Gear. OBL's Small-Batch Ultra-Thin HEMP Rolling Paper (indeed, we realize that is a ton of words) is made utilizing the best, normal HEMP Blend in the World. OBL ensured that not exclusively are they Vegan AF and Non-GMO. In any case, with regards to Art, OBL's picked Artists and their Artworks genuinely get the middle stage. This is the reason on the front, all you'll discover is craftsmanship. Free it up to find out about the artists and how you can get to them and their Art.

Presently select your preferred Artisanal Rolling Paper. Additionally, remember to flawlessly utilize some scissors to utilize the craftsmanship as Desk Art or a decent, reusable Bookmark or a f**** Fridge Magnet. Be innovative! and gather em' all.

When you go through 30 Papers you'll see a pleasant Blank Paper showing you're just most of the way there.