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Rasta Pocket Rocket - Mini Bong

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Rasta Pocket Rocket Mini Bong

Pocket bongs are the smallest glass bongs we offer. As they are tall only slightly over 5 inches, you can simply carry them in your pocket. Therefore the pocket water pipes are perfect for traveling or taking them to a party. Being as small as they are doesn´t make them useless. Everyone can still enjoy nice smoking cause the pocket bongs are fully functional.

Pocket bongs are handblown from strong Pyrex glass, which is absolutely health safe and heat resistant. Pocket bongs are made either from plain or silver fumed glass. The one-piece slider is fixed with a rubber grommet and is included in the price. All pocket-sized bongs are also equipped with a carb hole on the backside.

Customer Reviews

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Koushik Kandula
Nice but very fragile Bowl

Bong and bowl stem are very strong but the bowl is very fragile. (Bowl broke into pieces on opening)